Social Media as a Bully Pulpit Denies Freedom

I am irritated at the words and behavior of many  people on the “modern tools of social media” and in everyday life.  It is not new nor improved, rather the world that has existed for countless centuries and for untold millennia–a world that is inside out, upside down, and the only world we know and are comfortable and familiar.  It is not the world that was created by the Word and Spirit of the Father in the geneses of the relationship and history of humanity and Deity.  It is a world that Adam and Eve were exiled into, a world of decay, hardship, and finally death.  It is a world that Christ Jesus was born into, grew up in, lived, suffered, and in complete humiliation died in.  He broke the bonds and chains of death, and made commitment that one day he would return and remove the shackles that make us conform to a world of decay and hardship.

In the past several days, I have read words spewing vile hateful words, breaking long held friendship that only a week ago were strong,  I have seen and heard about physical violence on random strangers. I have a friend in China, who told me that America and China are reversing their directions.  Where China is today, is very close to where America was in the 1960’s, and where America is today is very close to where China was in the 1960’s.  China is more free and America is more intolerant.  Over the past several years the tools of social media has been used as a bully pulpit. The deadly, yet inviting, alluring and enticing venom of ideology , has become the top idiom of the “modern tool in social media,” to the exclusion of freedom of thought and speech.

I am very much as guilty as the next person.  I live in the world, and I am part of this same filth and mire.  I struggle with this same venom of ideology, and I often succumb to demanding people agree that I am right, even if I am wrong or right.  I also struggle with the need to be understood.  I stopped a few years ago, wanting to “fix things”  I have no ability to fix myself, let alone any “one” or “thing.”   That is not a human job, but it is God’s choice to make it his job, if he so chooses it.

People are going to make up their own choices and ideology that makes them  satisfied and validated.  I need to learn to pray more, and be content with my choices and ideology, and to rely more on what God brings to me in my life

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  1. Wow!! Thank you Ron. I love your last line . . . I need to learn to pray more, and be content wit my choices and ideology, and to rely more on what God brings to me in my life. Very convicting.

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