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Curious About Jill's Typing During Morning Service? πŸ“

Wonder no more! Jill has been meticulously jotting down notes from the sermon - all for YOU. Head over to the Village Church website and find Jill's Sermon Notes right on the front page.

Don't miss out on the wisdom shared by our Elders and pastors. Visit now and stay connected with the message. βœ¨πŸ™ #VillageChurchSermonNotes #StayInspired

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🌟 Are you ready to connect with Jesus on a deeper level? 🌟

We've just released Episode #007 of the Journey Companions Ministries podcast, featuring the incredible @PattiCepin. She's back to talk about her enlightening book, "Learning to Love the Master."

From confronting vulnerabilities to experiencing the comforting arms of Jesus, this episode is packed with spiritual gems. It's your roadmap to discover divine protection, love, and care as you navigate the complexities of life and faith. πŸ™βœ¨

Tap the link in our bio to listen now. This conversation is soul-nourishing and inspiring, perfect for anyone wanting to take their relationship with Jesus to the next level.

#JourneyCompanionsMinistries #PattiCepin #LearningToLoveTheMaster #SpiritualJourney #DiscoverJesus #TransformingLove #EmbraceThePain #FindComfort #RealWorldExamples

Don't forget to share, like, and comment. We'd love to hear your thoughts! πŸŽ§πŸ“²

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🎧 Take a listen our latest episode as Pastor Eric shares enlightening views on "Radical Marriage." Swipe left for a sneak peek! Discover how both singleness and marriage are treasured gifts from God. πŸ’βœ¨ Link in bio! #HealingTheCityPodcast #RadicalMarriage #1Corinthians7 #RelationshipGoals #SpiritualJourney ...

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Struggling to memorize the subject titles of Matthew's initial chapters? We've got the perfect solution! πŸ“–

In our latest "Healing the City Podcast" episode, we focus on repeating the subject titles from Matthew's chapters 1-5, ensuring they resonate and stick with you. Make memorization smoother and more effective with our tried and tested method.

Tap into the power of repetition and let's get those titles firmly anchored in your memory!

πŸ‘‰ Listen today and share the benefits with your circle!

#HealingTheCityPodcast #Matthew1to5 #MemoryBoost #NewEpisode

#008 Essential Memorization: Matthew - Chapters 1-5 - Healing the City

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"πŸ“– Join us Today at 10 AM and 5 PM as Pastor Mark wraps up our insightful sermon series on the book of Colossians! πŸ™ Let's explore the timeless wisdom and the people that Paul addressed in this captivating scripture. 🌟 See you there! #ColossiansSeries #SundaySermon #FaithCommunity @hedge61 @rodhugen @markosalan #colossians2023 1926 N Cloverland Tucson AZ ...

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πŸ“– Explore the transformative power of tables in "The Tables" by Eric Cepin. From Eden's perfect harmony 🌿 to the redemption of the Cross ✝️, discover how tables mirror our faith journey.

Don't miss Pastor' Eric's new blog post on our website:

#TheTables #EricCepin #EdenToCross #FaithJourney #SacredSpaces #Unity #Redemption #GospelTruth #ColossiansWisdom #ChristianNarratives #GospelDriven #FaithInFocus #TableTalks #DivineTales #SharedNarratives

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