Volunteering at the Village is more than an obligation. It’s one of the ways that we manifest our values (Accessibility,  Authenticity, Community,  Creativity, The Disciplines, Truth).
We believe that engaging with the kids, cooking, cleaning and such are part of our expression of the Kingdom of God and the Gospel. This is a light for us to see and believe within the community and a beacon of hope it to those outside.
If you consider yourself to belong to the Village, we ask that you sign up for 8 volunteer slots for this round. The clipboard will go around on Sunday for you to sign up. If you need more information or want to discuss other forms of volunteering, contact the Village Administrator.

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A group of young children sit at a round table and engage in a craft activity. It is the Village's Kid Vespers class.

Volunteer Instructions

Thanks for volunteering to teach the Village kids! We believe in giving our children the gift of being taught by many different adults in our community; this helps broaden their perspective on how to follow Jesus, exposes them to various teaching and leadership styles, and allows them to form healthy relationships with grown-ups.

While we do have a suggested schedule with pre-planned activities and Scripture or story, we celebrate you and the unique way you reflect Jesus and love on our kids. We encourage you to be yourself, show love to the kids by providing clear direction and boundaries, and have fun!

Click here for resources.

Thank you for volunteering to cook for the Village. We aim to feed 80 people in the morning service and 65 people in the evening service. We will reimburse up to $175 per service.

Foods to absolutely avoid:
1. Tree nuts, including pine nuts (peanuts are okay)
2. Shellfish

Note on food sensitivities:
In each service, please be sure to provide meal options for up to 5 people with the food sensitivities listed below:
Food Sensitivities
1. Vegetarian
2: Dairy Free
3. Gluten Free

Recommended serving sizes:
RICE: Instructions posted in the back of the spice cabinet door.
MEAT: Plan to purchase and cook 1/3 lb. of any meat per person. For 60 people, plan for 20 lbs. of meat. If the meat is the main part of the meal, plan for 1/2 lb. per person. If you plan to use the grills outside, please let Mark know by Friday so that we can ensure there is plenty of propane.
BEANS: One full regular size crock pot is enough beans for 50 people. Be sure to think about food sensitivities. If you plan to add bacon, for instance, plan to make a vegetarian option.
BAKED POTATOES: Cooking 50 potatoes in an oven takes a lot longer than smaller batches, so use a higher heat, 400 degrees for two hours.

To be reimbursed for purchasing food, please send a text to Eric, Mark, or Michael with a photo of your receipt. If you need money to purchase food beforehand, contact Mark or Michael.

Please contact Eric with any questions or concerns regarding cooking, serving sizes, etc.

Thank you for volunteering to clean the building! With over 120 people on Sundays and regular building usage throughout the week, building cleaners are a valuable resource!

Before you clean, make sure that you’ve had an introduction from one of the Pastors or the Village Administrator. Cleaning the building should take up to three hours for an individual and two hours for pairs.

Cleaning Time: Please have the building ready by Saturday evening. Sometimes the building is being used for an event, in which case you will be informed via text.

Instructions: Follow the steps found on the clipboard on the kitchen wall before you enter the hallway to the kids’ wing. Check off each item as you go.

Restocking: If you find that we have run out of supplies (cleaning or for public use) please write it down on the clipboard found on the hallway wall. Pastor Eric checks it each week. You may also text the Village Administrator of any items that need to be purchased or restocked.

For security reasons, you may lock the doors to the building as you are cleaning.

Mid-kids (ages 9-13) meet with an adult in the meeting room next to the nursery shortly after the service begins. Adrienne will provide you with a curriculum before Sunday. Contact her if you have any questions about the structure.

The room should be stocked with dry-erase markers, a dry-erase board, skittles (for incentives), and writing utensils.

Village babies and toddlers (ages 0-2) are sent to the nursery during the service.

On the chalkboard, you will find the parent’s names, phone numbers, preferences for diaper changing, and a helpful tip about their child/ren.


  • Please arrive 10 minutes before the scheduled service.
  • Please refrain from using your cell phone while in the nusery, unless it is to play songs.
  • Be aware of how often the door to the nursery is opened. Children often become upset when the door is opened and find that their parents are not on the other side.
  • If a diaper is changed, please take it to the large trashcans following your time in the nursery to avoid smelling up the room.
  • If a child is crying for longer than 10 minutes, it is probably best to inform the parents.
  • Inform parents immediately if the child is seriously injured.

Volunteer Sign Up

Sunday Sign Up
The clipboard physically gets passed around during each Sunday service so that people can write their name in to volunteer at a future date. Please add your sign up days to your personal calendar. We usually send a reminder text or email a few days before Sunday but ask that you also keep track for yourself.


If you have signed up for a volunteer slot but found that you are no longer available, you can do the following:
1) Try to switch volunteer slots for a later date with a volunteer who is already signed up in your area.
2) Find a replacement volunteer within your family or connections at church.
3) Contact [email protected] before Sunday to let us know you are unavailable and the slot remains open.

New to Volunteering
If you have signed up to volunteer for the first time, read over the instructions above. You will receive a reminder email with some additional instructions if necessary but feel free to contact the Village Administrator for support in learning how to complete your volunteer task. Email [email protected] to set up a phone call.