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Village News and Notes 10/31/14

Greetings Starfighters Here is the volunteer list for Sunday Little Vespers: Russ Lewis Kid Vespers: We need a volunteer Mid Kids Keith Brunson Nursery Michael Cousineau Ashley Cousineau Cook Carena Bloom Band Thrift Store Vivi (Sound) Other news Hooray we had another successful belonging service. It was fun. The video was cool, the font letters look great, everyone was singing along to songs on t...

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I Can See

On October 1, I had eye surgery to remove cataract, I was born with, from my right eye, also had a cornea implant to correct astigmatism. On October 15, the left eye was performed. . On October 16, my right eye was 20/20, left eye 20/50, started to use “cheaters” for reading. Since then, I have been completely amazed with being able to see as clearly as I have been able to so far. The ...

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Experiencing Intimacy With Jesus

When do you feel closest to Jesus? Is it reading his word? Or when you are writing in your journal; or when we are praying in the shower (c’mon we all have done it)? I feel closest to Jesus; and experience the greatest intimacy with him in my walks. It is the only time when I feel like I can clear my head from the clutter and confusion of the day and focus on him. He speaks to me. He comfort...

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I Do . . .

I Do . . . a lot of things I do a lot of things at the Village including preaching, cooking, counseling, encouraging, and leading and I have noticed a few things when it comes to compliments. The first thing I notice is how slightly uncomfortable they make me and yet how much I enjoy hearing them. A compliment is a part of our being thankful and we compliment people who do something for us or who ...

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Hey all!

Loved hanging with the high school kiddos tonight. They are a lovely group of kids except that they told me that had we lived hundreds of years ago I would be dead. 🙂

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A note from Danielle

Reprinted from Danielle Flack’s Website Sunday, August 31, 2014 A taste of blessing… Thank everyone so much for your thoughts of us and your prayers. For the first time, things seem to be ‘smooth sailing.’ The Lord Willing has gone out several times to fish and, all in all, has caught about 16,000 lbs of fish. Although little, we have made some money doing this! The crew is...

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