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Sunday, August 31, 2014

A taste of blessing…

Thank everyone so much for your thoughts of us and your prayers. For the first time, things seem to be ‘smooth sailing.’ The Lord Willing has gone out several times to fish and, all in all, has caught about 16,000 lbs of fish. Although little, we have made some money doing this! The crew is really excited and things seem to be going better with the relational dynamics…all encouraging news. We are still not sure how we will get through the next year financially, but I was reminded this week to thank God for how He is going to provide – because even though I’m not sure how He won’t leave us high and dry. Just this simple gratitude helped me lift the burden, of figuring out His plan, off my shoulders and choosing to trust whatever comes.
They left again today to go out and fish for another 10 or so days. This time they are going to the West side of the island where there is a run of reds….the more expensive kind of salmon. R is hoping to load his boat with reds and leave Alaska with something to show for all his toil and sacrifice. Yet he was just saying today that even the little they have caught is amazing considering everything that has happened in the last few months. Thank you Jesus for this huge blessing!

Now it wouldn’t be fishing if there weren’t some setbacks. 🙂 R twisted his ankle pretty badly today and is worried about his ability to fish on it. The steering of the boat got off kilter last night after they dropped a load of fish off at the cannery, which sent R straight into a horrible mood last night, but it was a fairly easy fix today, which is good. The West side of the island is a rougher area for fishing so R is more worried about the safety of the crew and the soundness of the boat.

Praise Jesus:
– that there is more peace on the boat and in R’s heart
– that we have been able to catch fish
– that there is more trust and shared risk amidst the crew
– that everyone is getting faster and more capable in their jobs during a set (casting and pulling in the net)
– that R has experienced real spiritual growth in this time.

Please pray:
– for healing of R’s ankle, so he can fish well
– for safety of crew in the next 10 days
– for solidness of the boat, as there isn’t much support on the West side and they will be about 16 hours away from Kodiak
– for fair weather
– for healthy interdependence in the crew’s relational and work dynamic
– for fish!

Thanks guys for your prayers.


Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Is it really faith without hardship?

As the time keeps passing and the news is more often discouraging than not, it’s hard to keep things in perspective with God’s truth.
Quick update on what has been going on:
– Rob has not ended up being as freely generous as he had once professed, leaving R discouraged and sad.
– All the last minute details including Kenny coming on to the boat took much more time than expected.
– It has been difficult integrating beliefs and values of all parties residing on the boat, leaving R with some doubt about the present situation and the future.
– The boat did finally go out to fish last week Sunday but had to come home early due to problems with the net getting stuck in the propeller every time it got cast out. We did catch 800lbs of fish but had to hire a diver 3 different times to get the net unstuck, costing more money than the fish were worth.
-Boat went out again today for a very small opener (only 8 hours) and the hydraulic line, which hauls in the net and runs all the important machinery, broke and leaked hydraulic fluid every where.
-Looks like R will have to stay for another fishing season to make some money for us to live. Possibly looking like him coming home in November sometime.
– My financial calendar was expecting to have some money by now from R and things are getting really tight on the home front. I have no idea what we will do in 3 weeks if he still hasn’t caught anything.

Sometimes God’s plan is very different than what you expect. In this case very different from what we expected. However, I have never doubted that we would be able to make a living off of this boat until now.  Nothing like financial pressure to see if you are really solid on the ground you proclaim to stand. Even though there is no evidence of how it will happen, God will make a way. Jesus is the rock on which I stand and the Holy Spirit has full authority in my life. Things might get a lot worse before they get better and I will continue to choose these truths.

– that God is working fiercely in our hearts and those around us to draw us all closer to Him.
– that we are sustained at this moment and have a huge net of support around us including our pastor who believes we are where we are supposed to be.

– that we stay steadfast in God’s truth about who He is and what He has promised.
– that the tension in various relationships will melt away and R will have greater peace and feel more support.
– that the boat will be fixed quickly and easily to be able to be fish again soon.
– that we will be able to generate some kind of income in order to live while he is gone.
– for my endurance amidst it all as my reserves are drained and my coping skills tapped.
– my children’s hearts (esp. Raeya ) as she misses her daddy and can’t really understand why he is staying longer.

This time is more difficult than we have experienced and I ask for your support in prayer and in non-emotionally draining ways.


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  1. Ron Wyman

    D & R

    God is sovereign, to the point that we don’t understand the meaning and depth. Being in his will is not just limited to the physical events and circumstances of the world we live in, rather “His Will” begins with our desire to continuously place Him into our lives and activities, and the goal is more spiritual (about Him and His attributes) as He makes us into His cherished children, and He is our King, faithful and loyal.
    R began this adventure he is currently on, yet he is not alone. He has formed partnerships, from the beginning. His family, you and the children, have contributed to this adventure, and experience, and are the major stakeholder in the “race to adventure.” You have made this possible, but more important, have provided your wisdom and business acumen, that has moved the adventure to the level it is at. You have also been able to bring God into this adventure, and have even shown Him your fears and concerns, and have given Him credit for changing difficult events into perseverance accomplishments. You and R, through God’s work, found that the financial burden was beyond your abilities, yet God provided the financial ability for the race to begin, as the adventure ensued. Ob-stek-als Obstacles have always been plentiful, and with perfect timing. Yet each was overcome and defeated, as the race continued. God has provided. God has brought faithful citizens of His kingdom into this adventure, all of them flawed and injured by sin, yet He has continued with everyone in this adventure, making men who fish, and those of us who just love a good fish story, and respect God.
    The Goal is all about God, not about money, fish, boat, or financial stability. Those are the incidentals that only add comfort for a while. You are on the way to a great story.

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