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Unconventional healing

I’ve never witnessed a physical healing, I’ve seen lots of spiritual healing though. I’ve never seen a lame person walk, never seen a blind person see again, it makes me wonder if this type of healing takes place in this day and age. I don’t think that what I’ve experienced over the last couple of years would count as a physical healing but too many things have come t...

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what i mourn

I was talking recently with Eric and was referring to a few blogs I had written recently… but he mentioned he hadn’t read them even though I post them on facebook… then he encouraged me to post them here. If you’re on facebook and you see my blog- I might duplicate stuff over here… hope that’s ok 🙂 Also, The Village is still an intimidating place for me… w...

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Meals for Carena

Nathaniel Bloom was born on Saturday, February 13th!  It’s time to start bringing meals to them.  Check out the link below.  If you have any problems with it please let me know!!

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On Wednesday, Steve and Hannah Yeakley’s three-year-old daughter Miriam was diagnosed with a Wilms’ tumor (cancerous) on one of her kidneys. Miriam is scheduled for surgery at 6:30 a.m. tomorrow (Friday) morning to remove the tumor and get a better understanding of the damage it has caused. The hope is that the tumor is contained and the cancer has not spread to the rest of her body. T...

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