With Time on Schedule; Break to Ponder a Thought about Christ Jesus

As some know, I have begun to deepen my faith and walk, and am attempting to better understand The Kingdom of God, or the Gospel.  Recently, I came upon this concept while studying The Devine Conspiracy by Dallas Willard. Does the Christian Church and Community (The Village Church) have something (knowlege, experience, thoughts) that are essential to life?

I can take the Bible as a literary work that is sophesticated beyond the original writters ability, and moves the Bible into a class that displays God’s intervention and something that I personally place great value and faith in.  To the point that my life, as well as my soul (mind, personality, status) are completly dependant on the fact that it is factually true.

I can take the Existence of the God (Triune Diety-Father, Son, Holy Spirit) as depicted in the words, stories, and narratives of the Bible, so intracatly lead and draw me into a deeper understanding of the reality of the nature of God, as well as my human nature, but more importantly, his deep love for me, and desiring his best for me.

I can take my experience in my life as real, factual, and worthy.  While I grew up in a church life.  I also grew up in a tragic family life, it was God’s leading, promting. directing, and permitting me to make mistakes and wounded, that I have a faith that continues to grow and mature, in a manner that can only point to His reality.

Yet I do not live my daily life depicting my belive in affirming that statement.  I haven’t figured out the paracticality of a workable solution that is effective, and performed in a manner that is not condesending and removes my motives and personality.  I know that I require developing my skills as a committed and dillegent deciple at the feet of Christ Jesus on the cross.

As a side note, going into the Easter and Lenten events while in the current circumstance.   The cross blended with the parable of the mustard seed and the parable of the leaven in Matthew 13: 31-35.  The cross is viewed in secular history as very small insegnificate event, yet Jesus worked quietly behind the scenes working his “magic” to make the reality of the Cross a major point in the history of the world.

Also from The Devine Conspiracy.


I would like to hear your thoughts on my question.



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  1. Sue Cepin

    What emerged to me as I read you post, Ron, is that God has been faithful to keep drawing you to Himself, keep healing and providing for you, keep blessing you (seeing you, knowing you, and calling you out). It sounds like He has figured out the practicality of an effective, workable solution.
    I’m with you on feeling like my side of the equation is feeble, messy, and ill-contrived when it comes to following Jesus. But Easter reminds me that God initiates and equips in these matters, and that the Holy Spirit is persistent in helping us.
    The Christian Church is made up of a bunch of people like us who are stumblingly following Jesus into a truer humanity. But we are also, together, gifted by Jesus, indwelt by the Holy Spirit, and called. So, yes, I think that is essential to life. We were not designed or asked to live out our faith alone. We are asked to live it out together, to offer each other rich fellowship and conversation, encouragement and support, and to represent Jesus in the world beyond ourselves. If we do not do these things, the lack of the church that God went to great lengths to create and nurture will leave a great void, both in our own lives and in the world at large.

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