My Thoughts on Advent Amidst Health & Societal Angst

In the month of December 2020, reflection about advent. This is a time when I reflect on the birth and life of Christ Jesus. How this single event of the Messiah humbly being born as a human being. That he had to learn to breath, eat, speak, crawl, walk, all under the subjection and discipleship of human beings who were his enemy. Yes, I do believe that any and all human beings are by very nature evil, this includes most of all me. Yet it also points to the intelligence and sovereignty of our YHWY Deity. Just imagine the Creator of all existence, subjecting Himself to flawed self-absorbed parents, family members, and other authority figures in the course of His life? How did He pull this feat off? That is way beyond my thinking and reasoning ability, I only know is that He did it and Jesus lived it and spoke about it. That’s good enough for me.
Another thing that is difficult for me to grasp is that Jesus had this really cool ability to know exactly what the Father was doing, then join him in that work. That just amazes me. But for Jesus, and the Father, and the Holy Spirit, it was/is just a natural part of their Love. I rarely can see what God is currently doing in my life let alone in the lives of others around me, but to see his work in the world is just too much for me to grasp.
The Birth of Jesus is the Advent of Jesus becoming the long-awaited Messiah that was foretold and foreshadowed in the books, chapters and text of the modern bible, Torah and Talmud. The Jewish faithful and the nation of Israel (including the 12 tribes of Israel) dreamed, prophesied this event. It is the center point in the relationship between God and His People. Jesus proclaimed Himself to be the Messiah, He proclaimed that He is ushering in the Kingdom of God, and that is on Earth NOW!!. The Father also proclaimed this same message. The Holy Spirit also proclaimed this same message.
W have the same message proclaimed in the first four books in the New Testament, as well as each of the books that Paul wrote about. The Gospel is pretty much a central theme in the New Testament. It was the predominate message of Jesus and his cousin John. The birth, life, death, resurrection and ascension & promised return is the proclamation that the Messiah (Christ Jesus) is now on the throne. He is the King of Kings, Lord of Lords, He has overcome evil that has plagued Human Beings, and our world of existence, since the days of Adam and Eve in the Garden. Jesus is completely sovereign and his kingdom will have no end and it began with his birth and was planned before creation.
Now is a time to learn at the feet of Jesus, as he has the lessons, we need to live a righteous life with him and with all of his children.
Could God also be warning us sheep that as bad as the COVID-19 has been, history has had worse health events, and often when society has gone astray. Like the good shepherd, he goes about calling his sheep and pursuing his cherished flock, in the strangest of places. Often, he must break the legs and carry the lost sheep on his shoulders, constantly talking and comforting that much prized flock member.
We live in a world that is highly segmented and very deceive to all that slightly disagree. We live in a world that has no ability to form a consciences with anyone apart from ourselves. We have a society that is made up of several billion individuals that just don’t want to cherish each other simply because we can’t accept that they are also made in the IMAGE of God and worthy and cherished by GOD.