I’m Shocked–Mortified, yet Ashamed…

How could anyone vandalize a building devoted to prayer and worship of a deity? A place that radiates righteous behavior and thought and subverts and contaminates with bigotry, narcissistic wrath against others?
Humanity is basically evil in nature. We need to be guided by laws proves this. We don’t play well with others, nor with ourselves. We do try and sometimes have some success.
Vandals recently, attacked predominantly black Christian Churches, in the Washington DC area and that bothers and concerns me. They did this brutality on a building that has no voice. Even the parishioners have nothing in opposition with the vandals, or their message. They are innocent. A BLM sign is also innocent. They vandalized mostly AME church buildings which were built to be a center of community–to learn, worship, praise and discuss about the Triune Deity who is sovereign over all congregations serve Several people were stabbed.
I am ashamed because as much as I detest this event, I am guilty. Not of racial bigotry, but of other forms of bigotry. I segment people and things into groups of my own choosing and design. With people I have “Like Minded” and “Acceptable Minded” “Somewhat Acceptable” “Occasionally Acceptable” “10 foot-pole Acceptable” “Totally Unacceptable” and often this Is very fluid. That is wrong—evil wrong.
As a human being, my nature is evil. My faith confronts me that this thinking is not wise to make such foolish choices based on my opinion and understanding. The pages of the Bible portray a benevolent God who finds something worth cherishing in humanity. A humanity that rebels against Him, simply because they just don’t know any other way. I have a great Fear of what is not like me. I don’t move beyond my comfort zone, and learn about those things I don’t understand.
I can learn to trust Jesus, as so much smarter than I am, and somehow these people I disagree with and find are Totally Unacceptable may one day become acceptable to Jesus (not my concern), they are currently being pursued by Jesus and have the right to reject being wooed by the Messiah. I must learn that they are worthy of being much loved by the creator. I lack the ability to delve into their lives and mind that the holy spirit does. I can only state that their actions are wrong, based on my biblical understanding. I also need to pray that God reaches them, and accepts them into His Kingdom. I must learn that I am no different or better than anyone else is. I have not earned my Kingdom entry, rather is was given to me. Now I must learn to live a life worthy of being a member and adopted family member, by learning from Jesus His ways. My way is easy, but I am being taught by a fool. Jesus way is easy, but I am being taught by the Creator–The Messiah to both rich and poor, smart and fool, gentile and Jew, American and Arab, Republican and Democrat, Monetarist and barters. All members of humanity are evil and somehow all are pursued and cherished by God. Having the proper faith matters, yet that is mostly God’s Work, and as He invites us into join him in his work. Are job is to treat everyone with God’s Agape LOVE, and bring them into our relationship with God.