Hey all- would some of you mind sharing some elementary schools you recommend or would not recommend for me… trying to do some research from Detroit…. I think we will be living near the mcculley’s – but that isn’t for sure – and I really don’t mind driving if it’s a good school.


  1. Andrea

    Sewell is great from what we hear and we would have had our kids attend there if we didn’t find the schools we are in now.

  2. Karen

    Lineweaver is one block west of us. There are two houses for sale on our block, close to your sister-in-law’s house (hint, hint). Anyway, Lineweaver has a long reputation of being a good school. Bonillas is technically the “neighborhood” school (east of us on Swan), but you could look into open-enrolling at Lineweaver. There might be an even better midtown place for B. to go to school….I will pray about it. Nothing against the Pima/Wilmot crowd, but why don’t you consider heading south a little bit? 🙂

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