As I was praying…

As I was praying this morning it dawned on me (again) what a beautiful gift adversity is. It allows us to suffer, opening our hearts to God and to each other. Identifying with Christ and following in his path means trials will come. They make us turn from our ability and power and lean on the One who overcomes death. As we suffer we become aware of the suffering of others. Our attention is diverted from ourselves to others, which is the very essence of the gospel. Jesus comes into our adversity in weakness. He doesn’t bring a gospel that removes suffering and pain, but a gospel that identifies with our adversity and invites us into his presence. God with us, indeed. The world is changed by weakness, not strength. 


  1. Sue Cepin

    Thanks for these thoughts, Rod. I have been pondering the practice of fasting and see similarities in this chosen path of suffering and weakness which reveals God’s presence and power in the world. I hear the invitation in your words to let adversity do its work by choosing to believe that it is not the whole picture.

  2. I am imagining a white elephant gift exchange where we get to pick from a gift of adversity already opened or the opportunity to pick a new wrapped gift of adversity.

    The greater the adversity, the greater the opportunity to be weak and need Jesus. I suppose it may be beautiful to get a big gift of adversity but I secretly want a small gift of adversity.

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