Thinking of Jacob


Here is a video of Jacob getting baptized last year.  This makes me feel blessed to think of everything that came together for this to happen.  I like that I was able to baptize him.  I never baptized someone before and I am very blessed to have the opportunity to baptize Jacob. My dad came and took some photos.  My friend Bill Ackerley came and took video footage for me – so I could enjoy the event 🙂  Super kind!   Bill – Thank You. I like looking at the expressions on Jacob at different points in the video.  I like hearing familiar voices and seeing my church family.  I really like this video.  I really like the the backdrop music.  I like how Elliot put his hand on Jacob when we are praying.  I like that Corrie is singing in the background while praying in the foreground.  I like seeing soo many people who were baptized and thinking about this special day for everyone.


Making a Video at Home

This is our video to answer Eric’s call for photos and videos while in quarantine.  We made a log line, storyboard and shot this video with just an android phone.  This video turned out really good and was a lot of fun to make. I have enjoyed watching it several times – the quick transitions keep it entertaining  🙂


Gifting Ian a Few Jokes

We were invited to make a happy birthday video for Ian by Viviane and here is what we put together for Ian.   We miss Ian.  We tried to make our video upbeat and fun to give him a smile and a good feeling.



Jacob needed to start a News Network to complete a historic homeschool/school project. This one was quick and fun.



Jacob and I played cleaned the kitchen and played some Splendor.  This one is quick.


Jacob Kenneth Barr

Jacob told me the other day that he would like to change his middle name to match mine (Lorion) so he could be a true jr.  That made me smile and feel blessed.  It is good to know that he loves me – his dad. And I really enjoy him.  I enjoy who he is.

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  1. Lois like the Barr house is having fun! Miss you!

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