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Fish story

Zeke told me that his brother, Christopher, had caught a ‘dead koi fish’. I listen to this fish tale with a bit of a smile and then Zeke asked me if I could tell Reuben about catching the ‘dead koi fish’. I called Reuben over and told him about this amazing catch. Zeke was listening excitedly and was thrilled that our resident fisherman was congratulating him on his brother’s great catch. When we finished Zeke said, “Reuben, when you get back from Alaska, can you teach me how to catch live fish instead of dead ones?”

Too funny.





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  1. “Can you teach me how to catch live fish instead of dead ones?”
    Doesn’t that sound like something we ask Jesus to do for us? I feel like I’ve gotten really good at catching dead fish all by myself. What I really need is for God to teach me how to catch some live ones. These dead ones I keep getting for myself aren’t doing me a bit of good.
    Lord Jesus, please teach us all to catch live fish!!


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