God’s great love

God has been working this theme in my life of reminding me that He will never leave me or forsake me.  I have a hard time trusting Him and believing that He wants to continue to take care of me.  And that He wants to care for all of my needs, spiritual, physical, everything.

I had a really hard day today.  My emotions have just been so raw and I’ve been freaking out and yelling at the kids when they start to act too much like kids.  Things seemed to be at their worst when I was starting to prepare dinner.  We made it through dinner and had started our bedtime preparations when I noticed I had a Facebook message from a childhood friend that I have been blessed to be back in contact with.

The message was just a meme about an amazing woman and how lucky the sender is to have a friend like the woman who would be reading this note.  But it was just what I needed after my hard day.  I replied back to say thank you and to let my friend know that it came just when I really needed to be encouraged.  I shared that I had a really rough day and that I really miss Sean.

She responded that she was just thinking an hour before about how unfair it is that her ex-husband has abandoned his child and he is still alive and that Sean was a great dad and he had to die.  I got chills when I read that.  I told her that just an hour before, I was in my laundry room muttering to God about how unfair it is and really letting loose on God with all of my angry words. I was desperate for help and feeling so alone.

The amazing thing is that my friend, like myself, did not grow up in a church family.  She is spiritual, but not a christian.  The Holy Spirit spoke to her and told her to reach out to me.  God used someone that hasn’t yet joined his flock to comfort me.  How humbling is that?  How amazing is our God!