The call of the King

In 1997 I moved to Tucson to plant a church. I didn’t know what I was doing and felt very alone. Two years later I was an abject failure and looking to return to the world of business. Then God introduced me to Eric and the Seneca house. Slowly God began to gather people around us. Broken people. Hurting people. Stumbling people. People like me. Somehow God gathered people around us. Godly people. People with a passion for the gospel. Also, people who didn’t have a clue who God was but somehow found their way into community. It’s the kind of thing you only note in retrospect. He always provided a place for us to worship and then gave us a building. He gave us Pastor Mark and Layne. We moved from one service to two. More people came. Each one with a story to tell. Each one, whether they knew it or not, finding God in their own peculiar way.

The community grew. God added to our number. Then Covid19 hit and struck at our heart. It’s Satan’s way of course. He always mucks around with beauty. He tries to destroy what God creates. But he can’t. It’s not in his power. Jesus rules and he does not give up his throne. His Kingdom is forever.

This morning no one was in the building except Trizia and Tim and Corey and me. It was a last minute thing. Corey jumped in to beautifully lead worship. Tim, despite saying that he much preferred to sleep in, came and ran sound. Trizia took care of video chores. With Mark sick and Eric self isolating and lots of other extenuating circumstances I wondered how the morning might go. It was wonderful to be in the room with those lovely people. It dawned on me that some twenty years ago God didn’t call me to plant a church, he called all of us. He invited us to love each other and to sacrifice for each other and to serve in all different ways.

I thank Trizia and Tim and Corey for their servant hearts. I thank the leaders who live sacrificially to build the Kingdom. I thank all of you who have wandered in to this little expression of the Kingdom of God. I thank God for calling us to be his kids and setting Jesus as King of kings. May the days ahead give you opportunity to burrow into community and may the King continue to call others to join us.

Thank you all for surrounding me with your presence. It’s been a lovely journey.


  1. We have a very smart, dare I say brilliant God. He goes about doing His work in full view of all, yet rarely noticed, I am very grateful that the Triune Deity was smart enough to bring such a mix of leaders and students to be discipled by great Rabi (Rabbi) Christ. The Hand of God is active, even among our current fears and concerns. He is in total control. Way to Go!!!

  2. A chronicle of our journey – looking back from 2020. I am encouraged by you sharing weakness and I am comforted by how you share fondness for your church family. Rod, thank you for sharing your thoughts on this quiet Sunday.

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