Songs From Quarantine

At the beginning of quarantine, social distancing, and stay-at-home orders I set out on project to fight against the anxiety, depression, and weariness that comes with having to stay home all the time. I began to write lyrics out of our new community rhythms, Wednesday morning zoom prayer, Rod’s Monday prayer time, and livestreaming church. I’m still working on new songs, but three songs come out of those first couple weeks and with the help of Larry and Eric we got them recorded, mastered and put them out to stream and downloaded. The EP is called Songs From Quarantine. I could not have anticipated how these songs would bring me comfort and encouragement through the last few months.

The first song called “Psalm 84” draws directly from that psalm, but also references a prayer time where we were praying for healing and wisdom, hope in darkness, and purpose and direction. Psalm 84 speaks to the journey we are on as pilgrims in a broken world. As we travel through the valley of weeping we, as followers of Christ, are called to bring healing and refreshment. I have spent a lot of time considering what it looks like for us to do that in the midst of protest and unrest that highlights the oppressed and beaten down in our communities.

During one of Rod’s Monday prayer times, he told a story about how God has spoken to him through others about his role as a tree alone in a field. “The Tree Song” is a reflection on that story. It references Psalm 1 and Isaiah 55. God has used this song to remind me that I am rooted in him. As darkness feels like it is rolling over us and the smoke rises on the mountain, it is good for us to remember who it is that calls us. It is because we have established our roots in God that we can endure the storm and even be a sheltering place for others.

“Mourner’s Blessing” is the last song on the EP, but was actually the first one I wrote. I certainly did not know how poignant a blessing it would be this year for those who are in mourning. I hoped it would be a comfort, but it has spoken to so many different realities this summer. I hope it is a comfort to you.

You can find the EP pretty much anywhere you listen to music, but here’s the Spotify link:

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  1. Thank you mark for sharing. I have loved mourners blessing.

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