Join a Study Group on The Divine Conspiracy.

I asked Michael Cousineau if he would be interesed in leading a study goup based on Dallas Willard’s book called The Devine Conspiracy, and he agreeed. I would much rather have more than Michael teaching only myself. I am wanting more people attend and learn a greater understanding what it means to become a student of Christ Jesus.

I am interested in learning what it means to put on the Character of Christ Jesus, while living my daily life out. During the few decades of the life and ministry of Christ Jesus, He spent a great deal of time teaching his disciples and followers about living a life based on developing a character worthy of our status of citezens of His Kingdom and adopted children in His family.

Most importantly, I desire to move out of the life of my past, dominated by fear and into a life that is worthy of my adoption into the one and only DIETY, that is King and Savior, Being taught His ways.

So please join me and Michael as we are taught a deeper understanding of being a disciple of Chirst.


  1. Lindi Axon

    I would be interested, although I must say in advance that I’m not always reliable attendee due to health. Just a warning.

    I have read the book before, but it has been a very long time. Plus, your reasons for wishing to look at it are my reasons for wanting to look at it again.

    When and where would this be? I can’t do mornings but since I’m not always reliable, don’t NOT make it in the mornings my account,

  2. Jeremy Tarbush

    Can I come even if I am not a church attendee or member? I feel i should ask. I love Willard’s book. When are we talking about?

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