Jeremy’s 20 Prayers for 2021

I want to share with the community some of the answered prayers form my 20 Prayers for 2021.

These prayers for myself were answered:

  1. I want to see my brother in person
  2. I want to meet my cousin Abby
  3. I want good health for myself
  4. I want to remain employed

So let’s start with #1 & #2.   I had not seen my brother in person since my cousin Kari’s wedding back in 2013.  We talk frequently but circumstances behind not seeing each other include our journey into foster care and my brother’s family situation.   Abby is my cousin’s daughter who turned 2 this year. Kari, the cousin, I had not seen since 2018 when I took a trip to meet her son.  The isolation of the pandemic made me really miss them.

God answered this prayer and I got to see my brother and meet Abby at the same time this Summer when by a odd set of circumstances our vacations all aligned and we converged at my cousins house for a large family gathering.  My prayer was answered beyond what I was expecting in that I got to see so many people than just these two at that event.

#3 – I prayed for good heath for myself after suffering with my affliction from kidney stones frequently over the past four years, having at least one event a year.  In 2021, I had no kidney stones for the first time since 2017 and my CT scan in November shows no new stones have formed.  We celebrated with dessert and Gatorade at church and everyone sang “Happy No Kidney Stones To You” which is my current favorite song.

#4 – Not only did I survive multiple layoffs at Sears/Transformco in 2021, I was hired by Grubhub in September and this job has provided better work life balance and health insurance . But I am not sure about health insurance policies so I would like to consult accidental death and dismemberment insurance charges attorneys to know legally, plus they has renewed confidence in my own skills.  I absolutely love this job!

These prayers for my family were answered:

  1. I want my parents to find community at The Village
  2. I want Karen to have joy and peace in her work
  3. Make a path if we are to Foster again in 2021

#1  – After my parents left the church they had been to for probably 40+ years, they started watching the Village online.  I wasn’t sure what they would think of our format!  However, they are regulars now!  I have loved seeing my parents at church and jumping right into cooking meals, doing nursey and kid vespers.  My dad walks regularly with the “Three Bobs”  🙂 They have been to game nights.  My parents went to the Pie Bake even!

#2 – Being a public school teacher in 2020-2021 has been a roller coaster for Karen with all the hybrid/online/in-person modules plus co-workers and students getting the virus causes a lot of stress.  Plus public school are always in controversial political decisions and it’s impossible to avoid that noise when those decisions impact how you do your job.  Karen has been blessed with some really great co-workers and a wonderful principle that gets her.  The messenger thread she has with her co-workers has some of the funniest things I have read in my life!  Truly an answer to prayer that Karen is able to have this group supporting each other.

#3  God did not make a path for us to Foster again in 2021, however he has shown that our ability to still provide stability for Donovan is the path we are to be on. Donovan got his drivers license (hire DUI lawyer for DUI cases), bought is own car and has been working at Jeff”s Auto for over year!

This post is getting long and I will not share all the prayers but I will say it is cool to reflect on last years list and see how God showed up.  Even in prayers that where not resolved or what I asked for, I can feel His care and see His hand.





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