I Can See

On October 1, I had eye surgery to remove cataract, I was born with, from my right eye, also had a cornea implant to correct astigmatism. On October 15, the left eye was performed. . On October 16, my right eye was 20/20, left eye 20/50, started to use “cheaters” for reading.
Since then, I have been completely amazed with being able to see as clearly as I have been able to so far. The vivid colors, sharp contrasts that I have never seen before. I am able to see and read street signs, license plates, before I would have difficulty seeing only several feet away. I am able to read newspapers and books, without straining, adjusting to light, or read sub titles on a foreign film. The clouds look spectacular and vivid, the mountains that surround us look so crisp and clear.
I wonder if the people who were blind, but healed by Christ Jesus, and the Apostles and disciples in the first century were just as amazed as I have been the past few days? I am able to see a world around me more clearly than before. The color and details existed before my sight was clouded and blurred, only my perspective changed. My new improved eyes are basically the same, but enhanced so that I see differently.
Having cataracts from birth, I only knew that I had difficulty reading and seeing “things” this is normal to people with cataracts, light is difficult, but that is all I have ever known. Astigmatism has impacted my life, but it is all that I know. I had to adapt to life with cataracts and astigmatism, glasses were better than not having them, only to limited degree. I only knew that my eyes were broken, imperfect, I had no concept what perfect eyesight was, only limited vision with the aid of glasses. It took a physician to diagnose my imperfection, and to correct my impaired vision. Relying on people around my (family & friends) to tell me that I don’t see things like I should see them, like they see them. I did nothing but acknowledge my faulty vision, and trust that the physician could and would restore my sight.
Sin clouds the reality of the world, distorting and fogging up the world created for us. Sin has difficulty in the light, becoming dispersed in many directions, even though the light is a single well defined beam of light. Remove the cataract, replace the irregular shaped cornea, the world around you is differently seen, the lines are sharply drawn. crisp, clear. The colors are sharper and vivid.
Christ Jesus washed away the sins of every human being that will ever take a breath on this planet. Yet he also gave us the right to choose Him as our Lord and Savior,(limited definition of free will) by the act of faith alone. He provides to those who have decided to make Him their Sovereign King, submitting to his authority, and when God declares or pronounces, that in His sight, that we are regarded as just. God does not wink at our sins (errors), rather because He is both Just as well as the Justifier. He does this, because of Christ Jesus’ life, death, resurrection, ascension, triumphant return. At the cross, I am restored to being an adopted and transformed human being worthy of a holy and sovereign God and King. This is how I can stand before God. Not on my merit. I am only worthy of not being in His presence.