Hot Drink Holiday Special

As in ages gone by the Park family will be hosting a Hot Drink Holiday Special on December 6th (Saturday) at our home. A truly horrendous holiday movie will be played inside, while a nice fire will be outside. Anyone is welcome to come and bring friends.

The party will start at 6:30 and go till everyone leaves. Feel free to come and go at any time or not come at all if this is just one thing to much for your holiday season.

Just to be clear, we will provide a plethora of hot drinks, mainly consisting of Hot Cocoa and Apple Cider. Other hot beverages may or may not be available and if there is something you feel NEEDS to be a part of this gathering…. well then by all means bring some to share.

Our address is 4842 E. 28th Street, 85711. RSVPs are nice but not necessary.

– Susan and Benji Park