Here We Are

It is hard to describe a frustrating church experience as I have been conditioned to always be careful to never cause a split.  Church shopping is very difficult because truly authentic reviews are often found on products on Amazon but are vastly quiet on the church scene. So my backstory contains details that are hard to share as they paint a frustrating experience as if my church experience ‘wheels’ were spinning and very little progress was found over many years.

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I have a life long friend at the Village with memories that stretch back to Kindergarten.  Jeremy made the awkward and ‘difficult to describe’ transition from New Testament Baptist Church – with Karen at the other end of the ladder.  I used to think that Jeremy would return – not realizing all that he went through – really went through and where he landed. Now some at our old church think the same of us.  They too do not realize what we have gone through and where we have landed. 

The grass is greener here. The fruit is sweet.  The sand is warm.  This land is beautiful.  Problems exist but the tools for healing and reconciliation are near and familiar.

We have found healing from past hurts (pilgrim group content fits here). We have found encouragement from leaders.  We have found a place where we are encouraged and supported – to be in community.  We would like to accept this kindness and be available to offer it to others.


  1. Thanks, Jake. It’s been great seeing the way that you and your family shares their gifts and kindness with others.

    • Thank you Jessica. It is wonderful to be in a space where we are invited and encouraged to share and blossom.

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