corona life

is it morning?
5:28 Am
is it still here?
500,000 and counting
dressed, i run into the desert
the sun rising
the mountains change color
i stop in awe.
home, hot breakfast awaits me
eggs from our ladies, fresh veggies, juice
math, geography, history
chickens fed
creative drawing time for the kids
i open the news
not enough masks
not enough ventilators
are we ready?
italy, spain, and new york says we aren’t
hot lunch daily
today tuna melts and vegetables
chores- clothes put away, rooms cleaned
1 hour of reading
1 hour of screens
i go back to the news
india, how will you eat?
1.3 billion people home for 21 days
in a country that shops daily
i try to read something else
but my mind wanders back
i text friends
are you ok?
do you need anything?
sometimes several at once
“off the screens” i yell!
swim? bike? jump? : the kids play
i call david: when will you be home?
i chop onions, potatoes
roast corn and brussel sprouts
make a caesar salad
cook veggie burgers
david comes home, strips, launders, showers
we pray
we eat
we clean
kids shower
play game?
learn a dance?
david reads 100 cupboards to the kids
i pour myself a glass of whiskey
i made it
we share our news
we turn on a show
we kiss


  1. Sue Cepin

    Thanks, Adrienne!
    This summarizes so well the way the tragic and mundane, the bountiful and stark, the beautiful and the fearful are mixing together right now. Also, I enjoyed catching a glimpse into your family rhythms these days.

    • Love it Adrienne! beautiful and simple. Good to see your life

  2. Fun. Sad. Cute. Busy. Loving. Helpful. Craziness. Aloneness. Distance. Tender. Close. Worshipful. The stuff of life. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Danielle Flack


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