Celebrating Easter

Did you know that in some Christian traditions, Easter is celebrated for 50 days following the season of Lent? This season of feasting is called Easter Season, Eastertide, or Paschaltide. It starts on Easter Sunday and continues through the Feast of the Ascension (the day that celebrates Jesus’ ascension into heaven forty days after his resurrection), ending with the Feast of Pentecost (the day that celebrates Jesus’ sending of the Holy Spirit). It is often accompanied by the reading of the book of Acts, as these early milestones and the bursting forth of the gospel are described therein.

I only recently discovered the concept of a long Easter celebration, and it has fueled my imagination. What would it look like to follow a season of fasting, focused on preparing to celebrate Easter, with an even longer season spent actually celebrating the resurrection of Christ and all of its implications?

When I first pondered this, I wondered what shape a long feast might take. Would it be the reversal of my prior fast? In my case, I fasted watching television for Lent. Reversing this into a seven week t.v.-watching binge didn’t seem like a good idea. However, I could see some reversals working – leaving a sugar fast to savor one delicious piece of chocolate each day might be a terrific form of celebration! Clearly, there are also ways to celebrate in community, with actual feasts and the like. But I was looking for a daily reminder that a celebration was afoot, in the midst of life’s mundane and ongoing rhythms. I have decided to paint every day. Not big, profound paintings – just tiny reflections on life and the beauty that is all around during this season.

I invite you to join me on a 50 day Easter feast. How will you celebrate?


  1. I’m working at what I’m calling ‘10 minute writing’ during Lent with the focus being on writing not for my own benefit but for the community. I always think I need a big block of time to write so writing for ten minutes is a bit of a discipline. I’ve written some songs and am working on a catechism and also thank you letters, sermons, etc. I find that I have lots of ten minute segments in my day. Someone is ten minutes late to a meeting. Ten minutes waiting for a pot to boil. Ten minutes sitting in a waiting room. I grab my phone or iPad and write for a few minutes on something and then put it away. The thing is that it has been very productive and connected me with God in new ways so it kind of feels like something I can extend as a feast, as well. Thanks for writing this!

  2. Susan, I loved this when you presented it a PG and love it now. Maybe e should also sing Happy Birthday to the church Militant (current) and Triumphant (of the past) and future on Pentecost. Eric always says we sing the best birthday song!

  3. Susan! Thank you so much for this reflection. Corey and I are really excited to engage the kids in this. We are going to read a Bible story every day and act it out with the kids as a way of celebrating. We’ve enjoyed giving up TV and want to continue to not have TV in our lives but to play and engage story. We will let you know how it goes ❤️

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