Breakfast with Saoirse

A FaceTime conversation with Saoirse over breakfast this morning was sheer joy. We chatted about her plans for the day that includes what sounds like a fun play date with friends. We talked about having Spam and eggs for breakfast. She ate Spam in Hawaii but didn’t like it much. She had some hidden blueberries in her cereal, but no bananas because Momma has to go to the store and get some more. They are also almost out of blueberries. With Daddy’s help, she showed me her beautifully polished fingernails. Grandma did it for her when she got to stay overnight with her. It was lots of fun at Grandma’s house. We talked about Momma having to go to work in the other room soon and how when mom and dad went out for their anniversary Momma spilled hot coffee, but she didn’t get burned so she’s okay. 

She was a little confused when I asked what she did on vacation. She thought it was a silly question because they didn’t go anywhere. Daddy reminded her that they went to Crave. She got ‘coffee’ and described it as chocolate and whipped cream and honey and the consensus among Mark and me was that there wasn’t any actual coffee in her coffee but it was very good. Getting coffee like that makes for a great vacation. 

When it was time for her to go play she was rather upset. She pitched a bit of a fit and received some correction from Dad. I was on her side. Who wants to talk to Mark when you can hang out with a cute three year old? But Daddy won the argument and she played quietly in the background while we talked. 

I heard her singing. The words and tune were familiar. “Lord listen. Lord forgive. Lord hear and act…” Our conversation was interrupted as she sang. 

Daddy said, “Who wrote that song, Saoirse?”

“Pastor Rod!” came her beaming reply. 

“How does it go?”

“We do not make requests because we’re righteous…” she continued. Beautiful. 

Back on screen I started to sing the song, as well. Saoirse looked confused. “You don’t sing it, Pastor Rod,” she frowned, “Just Daddy sings it. You wrote it but Daddy sings it.” I laughed hard. So cute to see the world order of a three year old. 

And it’s always good to know your role…


  1. Susan Park

    Can I get a link to the song?

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