Are we ever going to feel the same?

Are we ever going to felt the same about our kids giving spontaneous hugs

Linking arms

Accidentally sharing a sandwich

Exchanging a two year olds enthusiastic kiss?


Are we ever going to feel the same about hugging our friends

Sitting side by side on a bench

Holding them as their tears fall on our shoulder

Occasionally embracing them cheek to cheek?


Are we ever going to feel the same about our kids inviting their friends over

Going to someone else’s house to play

Playing with a new friend at the park

Failing to think about where all those children might have been or who they have been exposed to?


Are we ever going to pick up a strangers dropped hat blowing in the wind,

Look people in the eye at the grocery store

Smile at them

Gently push someone else basket to the side that has gotten in the way?


Are we ever going to feel the same about sitting in a crowded restaurant

Rubbing elbows at a full bar

Going to a crammed theater

Eating a hot dog we bought from an unmasked street vendor at a packed baseball stadium?


Are we ever going to be able to go to the hospital with our sick loved ones

Show our full faces anywhere and everywhere

Stop for stray animals without fear

Meet up with a few friends at a coffee shop to relax and enjoy the sweet moment of connection?


Are we ever going to stop using phrases like social distancing


Out of the abundance of caution

Stay at home and help flatten the curve?


Will we ever be untainted and innocent again? I pray so.

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  1. Thanks for sharing, Danielle. I’ve asked myself similar questions. I try to consider that our society has lived through pandemics before and eventually, the hugging and the gathering came back.

    Your questions reminded me about one of the hardest things for me is having to stop my son from running up to children we see in our neighborhood. He gets so excited to see another child and immediately begins running to them to talk and play and I have to stop him. I have to hold him back and tell him no. I have to look at the parents apologetically and explain that he’s just a social being as they back away. He doesn’t understand it. All he knows, I believe, is that he wants to play with little ones again. It will be okay. He will be okay.

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