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The Middle Day

  • The Middle Day

It is the day between two days,
memories of what once was,
generic hope of what might be.
Just another middle day,
like a middle child
alone in his room,
rejected and ignored.
A father’s back is turned,
a mother mourns her loss.
Friends abandon friends
and quickly run away.
A lonely borrowed grave
becomes a body’s home
which happens most times
when death comes as a shock.
Who could ever plan ahead
for such a time as this?
After the furor of the prior day,
the slow decay of death creeps in
on this sad day between the days.
Just beyond the rolled up stone,
it’s a day of restful worship
hung there in the midst of the terror
of the much feared yesterday,
and the simple moving on
that a normal next day brings.
All must sit and weep their losses
in this day between the days
when Satan chortles victory.
Tomorrow at the crack of dawn
they will bring the spices
to futilely delay what always happens,
so now there’s nothing else to do
in the middle of a middling day.
But, of course, it is a middle day
so a next day comes!

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