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Thrift Store Bureaucracy

Susan Cepin: lead vocals and Guitar
Steve Yeakley: vocals and lead bass
Chris Williams: vocals and bass
Mike Wise: vocals and Drums


In the social sciences, a bureaucracy is a large organization characterized by hierarchy, fixed rules, impersonal relationships, rigid adherence to procedures, and a highly specialized division of labor . . . all at a Thrift Store?

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the Skeptic Chickens
Susan Cepin: Guitar and Vocals
Karen Lefevre: Piano and Vocals
Keith Brunson: Bass and Vocals
Russ Lewis: Drums and Vocals
Gareth Markwardt: Lead Guitar

skeptic Chickens

Are They Really Roosters
Skeptic Chickens is the first official Village Band. They started 13 years ago, and have never changed members. Their wall of sound and 75 years combined vocal training defines the signature style of the Village.


charlie b pic 1

Charlie Brown Trio
Susan Cepin: Vocals and Guitar
Corey Gilchrist: Vocals and Guitar
Chris Williams: Bass
Russ Lewis: Drums

Charlie Icon

The Others
Karen Lefevre – Lead Vocals and Piano
Eric Cepin – Vocals and Lead Guitar
Chris Williams – Bass
Mike Wise – Drums and Vocals

The Others formed for the purpose of stepping in when Mark Crawford – of the Flashbacks – and Susan Cepin – of the Skeptic Chickens – were unavailable to play. We are simply, the Other band.


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