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based on The Marriage Builder by Larry Crabb

Week One: Pastor Eric (August 6)

Introduction: Identity/Male and Female

Security and Significance

Platform of Truth

Panel: Ron and Tamaki

Week Two: Pastor Eric and Michael C (August 13)

Staying on the Platform of Truth/the Cliff of Safety

Panel: Michael and Ashley

Week Three: Pastor Rod (August 20)

Manipulation or Ministry

Panel: Ryan and Andrea

Week Four: Pastor Eric (August 27)

Goal vs. Desire

Negative Feelings

Panel: Mark and Layne

Week Five: Pastor Eric (September 3)

Sex: Oneness and Selfishness

Panel: Corey and Coleen

Week Six: Pastor Rod (September 10)

Three important building blocks

Grace, Commitment, Acceptance:

Presence of God, Goodness of God, and Forgiveness

Panel: Julie and Keith

Relationship Series 2017

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