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Mom is with Jesus

Sometime around 5:30 this morning my Mom went to be with Jesus. It is an answer to her deepest longing. We rejoice that she is with him and grieve our loss.

She was a good mom. Born during the depression as one of ten children she knew the realities of being poor. She married young and had a us kids to care for, especially my little sister who struggles with cerebral palsy. Then Dad died leaving her a widow without job skills or the ability to work outside the home. She drove school bus, cleaned houses, took in ironing and did any number of odd jobs to provide for us. After long days of work she would make dinner for us, read Scripture to us, sing with us, and listen to us. She loved us well. She remarried later in life and then served Herm as he suffered with the long, painful realities of dementia and left her to be a widow a second time.

Despite her suffering and struggle she never succumbed to fear or despair or hopelessness, but always found reason to celebrate life and all it had to offer. She loved her kids, grandkids, and great grandkids and loved to serve others. If you ever stopped in at her house, she’d insist you stay for dinner and once the meal was over you were considered family no matter if you were a stranger.

She loved Jesus. He brought her to her reward. We don’t grieve as those who have no hope. Next Saturday in Phoenix, our family and friends will gather to thank God for her and to celebrate her life. Pray that we can mourn and rejoice as we celebrate what God accomplished in her.



  1. my good thoughts are with you as you go through this trying time in your lives mourning and celebrating the life of your mother , grandma , and greatgrandma..
    sincerest sympathy and love .


  2. Rod, I am so glad for your mother and your family that she has been made new and has entered the fullness of Jesus’ presence. I pray that this will be a time of joyful remembering for you all, and that God will carve out a path through grief to the goodness it contains. Your mom is a very special lady. I’m glad for what I came to know of her in the few times I met her and through your stories of her vivacious way of being. Much love, Sue


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