Evangelon is a strangely satisfying turn-based board game for two-to-six people.
It is helpful (especially when only younger children are playing) to employ a “Game Master” familiar with the rules who can assist players with the flow of the game. the main objective is for players to move about the Forest World map board seeking their individual “Quest” map square; to then achieve their Quest; and finally exit the Forest World through the Eternal Gate.

The map board consists of a grid of map squares, the number of which depends upon how many players are in the game. The squares are turned over to be revealed as the player moves onto it during the “move round” of each turn. After the move round comes the “action round”, when players must deal with whatever task appears on the map square. They will encounter map squares with evil monsters to kill or tame, holy weapons to acquire, and humans to rescue – all accomplished with the roll of the dice. As the game progresses, players will accumulate experience that adds to their power levels, making it easier to achieve victory at each map square. Players will periodically land upon squares that require them to discuss “Wisdom” topics, avoid traps, or travel through vortex portals to other sections of the map board. The player’s ability to succeed at each map square will depend on his/her own character’s power levels, the availability of fellow players to assist and the roll of the die.

As many as two players can attack an evil monster together in a single battle. The two exceptions to this rule are attacks against the Dragon in the center of the Forest World, and attacks against the Eternal Gate Monster guarding the exit out of the Forest World. any or all players can combine forces to confront the Dragon and the Eternal Gate Monster, both of whom wield great power and cannot be overcome by a lone player. The Dragon also happens to be guarding a stash of holy weapons which become available to the attacking players once he is defeated. As for the Eternal Gate Monster: no one can approach this most evil being until they have successfully completed their individual “Quest”. Once a group of players who have completed their Quest decide it is time to attack the Eternal Gate Monster, they join forces at the eternal Gate and do battle. Once the Eternal Gate Monster is defeated, the players who conquered him are declared the winners and the game is over. Each winning player receives his/her “Final Identity” based on the number of points the player accumulated from rescuing humans, vanquishing monsters and other avenues.

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