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Cantilevered prayers,

desperate floating cries,

secure me to a mighty God

through Spirit’s groans,

bridging to the Maker

who weeps of my collapse.

Knowing I can’t stand alone,

he spans chasm walls,

extends the girders,

welds beam to beam

with an underpinning love 

that never lets me go.

In the swirling chaos

where nothing solid lies,

far beneath the seething waves

tension and compression war.

Against ever ramping squalls,

the Builder slowly builds

solid rock abutments, 

hardened steely structures,

thick concrete pilings,

rigid iron superstructures,

all bolted in the bedrock

of his never failing love. 


  1. Great poem and great thoughts, as usual, Rod. And I really enjoyed your message. But I got another message, too.

    I only managed to read two words before I realized, “Uh – what does cantilevered mean?” My bridge-building vocabulary lacking. So, I looked it up before reading on. And although its meaning was made clear in the poem, it was good to know the meaning going in from there.

    Of course, I do love words, so that got me started me thinking, “Maybe I could find a random word every day in the dictionary and then relate it to God as a sort of discipline.” Then I thought, “Oh, too many short easy words wouldn’t work.” But actually they would.

    And — what a lot you could say about God if your word of the day was and.

    It — God isn’t an it and that really matter. What a thing to meditate upon.

    Bumbershoot — God’s protection and if I’m willing to squeeze up tight to someone else and experience a drop or two of the storm, I an protect someone else, too.

    Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious — In how many ways is God that?

    • Yes, cantilevered means a beam that is only connected on one end which I thought beautifully reflected my belief that the Spirit is crying out on my behalf even when I’m unaware of how to pray, what to pray, or am unable to pray at all.


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