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You are a child of the light

I was re-listening to the sermon I offered a few weeks ago and wanted to make a quick clarification.  I spoke about how when we choose drunkenness, we start to slip away from our identity as Children of the Light.  To offer a correction, I’m not so sure that we can ever slip away from our identities that Jesus offers us.  Romans 8:31-39 speaks to this: “What, then, shall we say in resp...

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Staying in Vespers

When I first came to The Village, I felt a bit awkward around “the service.”  I didn’t recognize the music, and was unfamiliar with the rhythms.  I was a bit out of place.  But I had been invited to the church to listen to Layne play in the band, so I felt a pull to stay and engage with what was happening around me.  I could tell that the other people who were singing along were Villagers for a wh...

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Thank You Rod

Rod, Thank you for mentioning the reality of loss in our community amongst our day of celebration and rejoice.  I am so grateful for your tact and gentleness to address the passing of Miriam’s husband, Dennis’ stepfather, Dave Hyatt.  Thank you for reminding us of Jesus’ call to us, to hold both grief and gratitude simultaneously, so that we can feel met in our sorrows and our jo...

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