We Citizens of Heaven

This city lies in darkness and its people cannot see
And in our chosen blindness we pretend the same to be
A lost and wandering crowd of witness to the brightest light
Content to sit in clouds of fog and hold to our own might

This city needs a lightening of the burdens that it’s held
For years of only fighting that the fear and pain be quelled
Confess the seeking after self and only what can bring
A temporary salve for all the weight and suffering

We citizens of heaven and your kingdom here on earth
We offer our confession that we seek our love and worth
Apart from you we cling to the illusion of control
So cleanse the voice that sings to you, in praise you make us whole

We citizens will trace the streets and houses where we go
With heaven’s light the grace of Christ will shine out here below
And so this city won’t remain in darkness and despair
But know the hope he wrote here on our hearts for us to share


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