Books of the Bible Song

Almost a year ago, I crafted a video to go along with the Books of the Bible song that Susan Cepin recorded. As new Villagers, Eric asked me to create a video for the kid vespers. This is the first video that I made for the Village.

I started to put this video together at my first art night at the Village and then I continued to finish it at home.

I hope you enjoy this slightly animated video that compliments this evergreen song about the 66 books of the Bible. I hope the visuals speak to the depth and incredible stories in the Bible that are full of life and beauty.

Some of the finer ‘animation’ pieces include the rain falling from the clouds. I tried to space out the background transitions to compliment the song with the hope that the song would be enjoyable even if replayed several times – as the animations are somewhat subtle / slowly paced they seemed to be secondary to the lyrics of the song.

The goal of this song is to help children (and adults) memorize the books of the Bible. And I also believe another goal of this song is to honor the best book ever written as we even worship by singing the mere names of the chapters/books in the Bible.