Last week’s sermon takeaway…

Pastors think a lot about sermon takeaways. We want people to get the primary thing we believe God has for them. As I listened to Eric’s sermon last Sunday on the belt of truth and appreciated his takeaways. But I also had another takeaway, one he didn’t necessarily intend. I loved his story about going up to Babad Do’ag (Frog Mountain) with Sue, Ashton, and Elliott and sitting together in the car writing out their 20 prayers. I can’t get the picture out of my head of sitting in a car as a family and thinking through hopes and longings and writing down what they want to ask God. I love the beauty of families praying together and laying open their longings before the One who hears our prayers.

Of course, Satan slapped back. He always does. The car won’t start. Eric made the point about his shame of having to search out jumper cables. His self flagellation for being unprepared. But the glory of the story was praying as a family. The glory of the story was being surrounded by a community more than willing to drive up the mountain with jumper cables. The glory of the story was having Julie do just that.

The community that prays together thrives. The family that prays together thrives. Praying together is a gift. Praying as a family is the richest expression of that.

I’ve driven many times to that mountain and to that spot to pray against the powers and principalities. To pray against the demons who falsely believe they rule this world. I’ve wrestled with God there. It’s sacred space to me. What joy it is to know it is now a place of prayer. A place where 80 prayer rose and continue to rise throughout the year. I’m excited to see what God will do.