The below article from NT Wright inspired me to write the now “Village infamous Song: Trinity.”

The Prayer of the Trinity
(Originally published in New Tasks for a Renewed Church, 1992, London: Hodder. Also published as Bringing the Church to the World, 1992, Bethany House, U.S.A., 209-15. Reproduced by permission of the author.)
by Tom Wright

Trinity Sunday
Isaiah 6:1-8; Ephesians 1:3-14; John 14:8-17

I suggested in chapter 13 that there might be different sorts of prayer that could be explored by those seeking appropriate paths of spirituality within the modern world. In each of the three lectionary readings for Trinity Sunday, the revelation of the threeness of God comes in the context of prayer and worship. If we are truly speaking of the true God, then the truest form of that speech can never be abstract discussion about God. It must be speech addressed to God. It must be worship. It must be prayer.
I want, in this brief epilogue, to suggest one form of prayer in particular that seems to me to encapsulate all that I have been trying to say. It grows out of several concerns and backgrounds, and I believe it may be helpful to some who are wrestling with these issues and seeking to do so in a Christian way, that is, not by mere intellectual effort alone, but through prayer, meditation, and a settled and steady seeking of God’s will and way. I am aware that prayer and temperament are intertwined, and there may well be some who, for perfectly good reasons, will find my suggestions incomprehensible or unnecessary. I trust that they will excuse this short chapter, and leave it for those who may find something in it to their profit.

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