A Tribute to Ruth Bader Ginsburg-Someone I knew little about

One of 9 people presiding in the top echelon’s of the judicial systems of our country died today. I have no idea how she reacted or thought of being referred to not by her name rather a nomenclature of three letters. I don’t think I would like it, because is seams to disassociate me from being a real person, or my identity as myself. The truth is I know very little about Ruth Bader Ginsburg. I would not know her if she stood in front of me, and she would not know me. Our paths never intersected and we drove down different roads, I have no idea how she came to the conclusions on case law she decided upon, or what she wrote, or had drafted by her highly competent staff and clerks. I have never read any of her opinions-either dissenting or majority opinion. My thoughts regarding her are about something she was completely passionate about, as it consumed her life to a large part. Justice was what she spent her professional and personal occupation as well as avocation.
According to Webster’s dictionary, Justice is the quality of conforming to law. This admittedly set a standard that is just out of reach of obtaining. She spawned her entire life at striving to achieve the standard. That is a worthy goal, she persisted and continued for multiple decades, and under different roles.
I would have liked to see her reflect deeper in the direction of the pages of the Bible and viewed Justice from the perspective of a loving God, full of Justice that is compassionate and merciful, not desiring one to be lost to foolish human nature. A Deity discipling a young couple in a perfectly cultivated spans of real estate, yet knowing that their very human nature was often in conflict with his will to provide what is best for them, they just don’t get it. We have a false view of reality simply because it is not based on God’s economy. I am curious if Adam and Eve ever said to themselves or to God, “that snake in the grass opened it’s mouth and nothing but low-level words come out.”
If Ruth Bader Ginsburg were to walk the Supreme Court Chambers today. I belive that she would have a different view of Justice and more importantly a viewpoint of life? I imagine that she would increasingly live a life that moves outside the scope of religion, yet aligns her will so that Jesus’ will is more noticeable than hers. I could see asking deeper and more thought provocing quetions of the attorneys for both the plaintiff and defendants side. I think that she would reach outside the box and look at how short-term solutions cause problems for future people to solve. But more importantly she would become a woman after God’s own heart, and treat other people with different religion background with honor and respect. Reach out to them as the disciple of Jesus would teach her to do.
Her death should be worthy of the dignity of the office she held. Her life should be worthy of being a child of God, as we all are.