Update on my son

I am overjoyed to report that Derek is doing very well. We went to the hospital this week to a follow up appointment with the ear, nose, and throat specialist. She looked at where the spot in his throat had been and it was completely healed. He is being weaned off the medication that treated the acid reflux he suffered from that kept irritating the small open sore that he got when they intubated him causing him to have a chronic cough that brought up stuff. It is so wonderful to get the good news that one of the last vestiges of his near death encounter with H1N1 a year and a half ago is finally healed. The doctor said he had the biggest adenoids she’d ever seen along with huge tonsils and a long uvula so he most snore a lot. She is willing to remove his adenoids if it is a problem, but it is not necessary surgery so Derek said he’s not interested.

There are no other follow up visits with doctors scheduled. He has permanently lost some lung tissue to scarring, but is otherwise healed. He gets out of breath quickly when exerting himself, but there are seemingly no other permanent problems related to his bout with the flu that nearly killed him.

We are so very grateful to the doctors and care givers at TMC and Banner UNC for their amazing work to save his life. Above all we are grateful to the God of all grace who chose to heal our son. Please join us in offering thanks to him!

Thank you Village for all the ways you served us in our difficult days


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