Around The Bend

At Vespers one evening Sue prayed at the beginning and mentioned something about God being around the bend and it stuck in my brain. Here is the poem that leaked out…

Around The Bend
Rodney J. Hugen

Just around the bend,
only a half turn away,
legions of winged ones,
mighty warriors all,
are poised, hovering,
ever attentive,
eyes searching,
a gesture here, a glance there,
readying with bated breath
to hurl themselves
to battle
to heal, to save, to defend…

On this side of the bend
I slowly turn away.
A thousand worries,
a million cares,
so many gathering threats,
terrors all around,
loads of awful lies
steal my breath,
in petrifying fear
that quickly overwhelms
my simple longing
to be healed, saved, defended…

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  1. Thanks for posting this, Rod! The imagery of it leaves me wanting to courageously take just one more step.

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