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Way Down By The Water

Here is a song I wrote around Easter. It’s been in the back of my mind since then so I recorded it. Here’s the lyrics:

Way down by the water

Stood a man I did not know

Stood a man who called my name

He said, “Come. Come to the water and I’ll give you life.”

Way up in the hills

Is where I went to hide away

Is where I went in fear and shame

Way out in the desert

I dug a well to find my own way

I dug a well and it was dry

Way up on a cross

Hung the man whom I denied

Hung the man who called my name

Here in the garden

Stands the man who died on the cross

Stands the man who gave me life

Now we say, “Come. Come to the water and He’ll give you life.”


  1. Really very good. Thank you for sharing this. How many wells do we go through all the intense effort of digging only to find that they’re dry? What wells am I digging now that I think will hold water.

  2. “I dug a well to find my own way
    I dug a well and it was dry“ -I can so relate to these lyrics. The love, mercy, and salvation of Jesus is reflected in this song beautifully.


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