Village News and Notes 1/23/15

Hello everyone,

Here’s the volunteer list for this week

Kid Vespers:

  • Susan Cepin
  • Mike Wise

Mid Kids:

  • Trizia Williams


  • Layne Crawford
  • Mark Crawford


  • Ryan and Andrea McCulley


  • The Others
  • Michael Cousineau(Sound)

Other News

  • The Superbowl party is happening Feb 1st. We will have a short service before the game thanking God for the gift of the building, kids will be in the service. The game property kicks off at 4:30pm and The Village will supply hamburgers and hot dogs. Please remember to sign up for side dishes and desserts. Also we will not be showing the halftime show in stead Eric will do some interpretive dancing.
  • Ash Wednesday is early this year, We will have our Ash Wednesday service on Feb 18th at 6pm. This kicks of the season of Lent which is 40n days of fasting and 6 feast days. To get a better picture of how the Village participates in Lent visit this URL and click on the Advent/Lent section
  • Stuff on the Website this week: Doctor Visit Watching Television

Have a great weekend and see you all SUnday.


Links to important stuff: Music Sermons\

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