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Village News and Notes 10/31/14

Greetings Starfighters

Here is the volunteer list for Sunday

Little Vespers:

  • Russ Lewis

Kid Vespers:

  • We need a volunteer

Mid Kids

  • Keith Brunson


  • Michael Cousineau
  • Ashley Cousineau


  • Carena Bloom


  • Thrift Store
  • Vivi (Sound)

Other news

  • Hooray we had another successful belonging service. It was fun. The video was cool, the font letters look great, everyone was singing along to songs on the video  and with the band  and we had street tacos. STREET TACOS!!!!! The only letter we are missing are F, L, O, P, T and  W. Also. numbers 5,9 and 0.
  • The Drumming Circle is NEXT FRIDAY 11/7/14 at 6pm. Food and child care will be provided. At the meeting you’ll receive your membership info for the new website and we will be discussing some structural changes that will be happening regarding the building, children’s ministry  and how we communicate both internally and externally. Very cool stuff is on the horizon.
  • Members of the Christian Reformed Church will be in town the weekend of Nov 14th. Please be praying as these pastors meet to discuss the future of their denomination and what direction they are headed in. If you can help check out the sign up sheet on Sunday
  • Believe it or not, it’s almost time for the annual soup supper. Pastor Eric is once again throwing down the gauntlet putting his tomato chicken against all challengers. All kidding aside this is a fun time for the community to stuff ourselves not only with food but with joy. Nov 22nd and 6pm. Sign up sheet will be passed around starting this Sunday, you can sign up to bring soup, bread or dessert.
  • Fallow Month – December 2014: many of you know that each December The Village practices what we call fallow month. This simply means that we shut down scheduled group events such as pilgrim groups and monastic communities in order to encourage you to spend more time with your family and friends. This also creates space for celebration and reflection on Advent without additional busyness. We will still have Vespers with a focus on Advent. Alsop, our candlelight service will take place on December 21st. During this service we sing Christmas Carols and we tell the Christmas story, eat cookies and drink Hot Chocolate. No dinner is served however you are encouraged to go to dinner with each other
  • Financial report Our budget for 2014 is the same as last year which is $94,000. Present total giving is at $80,831. Of that, $58,507 is Village giving. $22,324 has come from outside sources. Last fiscal year the Village itself gave $81,514 which puts us about $23,000 away from what we gave last year. We raised more money than last year but our giving as a community has gone down. To meet budget we need to give $14,000 over the next two months. If we give more than this we will have a surplus, which translates to a little more breathing room next year. This is how the budget breaks down. 54% goes towards salaries which include taxes and payroll management. 21% goes towards the mortgage, building maintenance and utilities. . 10% goes towards discipleship costs, this includes food expenses for Vespers, help with benevolence, leadership training, monastic community expenses, books for pastors and church.  8% goes towards property insurance, photocopies and administrative costs. 4% goes toward pastor vacation and sabbatical costs. 3% goes towards giving to other ministries.

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