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We believe in truth. We also believe that the evil one distorts the truth and invites us to believe lies. We make it our passion to speak the truth in love to each other, that is, to speak the truth to each other as we grieve the losses and the struggles of being called to deal with lies we have chosen to believe. We believe the Bible is true and that it is a primary place where God speaks truth to us. We also believe that God speaks truth to us in our community and through the still, small voice of his Spirit. We try to speak truth to the cultural lies of the Tucson community as well as offering the way, the truth, and the life of Jesus to those who need desperately to hear the simple, painful beauty of truth. We attempt to speak the truth without harsh judgement and condemnation, but with the gentle love of Jesus and a deep awareness of our own willingness to hang on to lies.

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