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The joy of making tents

For the last 13 months I have been working at Chamberlain. It’s a technical support center (call center) for garage door openers, gates and access control systems. I started off in the residential garage door opener queue and have worked my way up to handling calls for commercial operators. There are parts of my work day that I enjoy, parts that madden me but mostly my work is just work. It’s not my passion, I never sought a career in call centers and at age 21 if you would have told me that at age 37 I’d be working a ‘day job’ just to pay bills I would have laughed at you.

But here I am, working a job that’s just a job. A tent making gig if you will.

Strangely though the work can be boring and tedious I feel this job is an absolute blessing. I’ve never worked for a company that has cared as much for their employees as this one does. They have given me great opportunities to advance. They have also been very patient with me while I deal with health and stress issues. They have never given me a hard time about having to take a day or a portion of a day off. Plus, now that I have been here a year I am eligible for both FMLA and short term disability.

Which means that, next week when I start up on Cymbalta, I can take a paid leave. It just amazes me that such a benefit exists. God has continued to use this job to bless my life and family. He provided it to me when I needed a better gig to take care of Corrie and he has given me benefits I need so that I can take care of myself and continue to do my very best in this life. I feel blessed and cared for. What more can we ask for from this crazy life?


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  1. Thanks for posting about this, Mike! I, too, am in a mundane-ish job that is in no way related to my early career pursuits. But it has been a great blessing from Jesus as well. I appreciate the reminder to be grateful for it, and I am delighted that God has provided all the goodness of this job for you.


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