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Open offer – looking for group rides

As you all know, I ride my bike a lot.  🙂  Many of my miles come on the weekend – I usually ride early Saturday or Sunday morning (often both).  So far, they’ve all been solo rides, which is OK, but not great.

So here’s an open offer – if you’re looking to go on a bike ride, call me!  You don’t have to go far, or fast – I’m happy to do a slow, social ride.  It’s fun to have company for a while, and I’ll finish my ride when we’re done.

Where?  You choose.  We can meet at your house, or at a point on the Loop nearby, or whatever.

When?  Early.  I usually start at or before dawn (to beat the heat).  I could easily meet you (almost wherever) at 6 or 7.  But if you want to ride at 10, I’ll already be home!  🙂

Gimme a call, or text me!


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