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My new job!!

Hello Villagers,

I’m sure I haven’t had a chance to talk to all of you about the job that God has given me.  I have the opportunity to work for AZ Baptist Children’s Services in their New Life Transitional Program. The program is designed for men and women who are struggling financially and need help becoming self-sufficient.  Many of our clients are homeless or facing homelessness when they come to us.  They each have their own story but the common bond is that they have been through a lot and need a safe place to grow and be encouraged.

Our program is designed to give participants a year or two of life skill and relationship classes, bible study, weekly mentoring and free counseling.  We offer what ever material assistance we can and participants earn a stipend for attending classes that can be used to pay rent/utilities and other basic living expenses.  We have a small apartment complex that some of our clients are able to live in while they are in the program.  Our goal is that our clients would make a successful transition to independent living and to develop a personal relationship with Jesus.  I love being able to freely pray with coworkers and clients. It seems that my time at the Village has prepared me to do this job.  I feel like I’m a professional Villager now.  🙂  In my short time here with the program I have already seen some of our clients have some big accomplishments. 

I’m writing to let you know about a couple ways you can be involved too.  We have a partnership with Saver’s that allows us to earn money for donated clothing and other soft goods.  So as you go through your closets feel free to bring your unwanted items to me and I can take care of turning your old clothes into cash for the program.  We are in the works of starting an online boutique since Ashley’s clothing swap leftovers brought in some nice name brand items.  Please pray for that to take off nice and easy and to become a steady source of funds for the program.
The second way you can help is to adopt one of our clients for Christmas.  You can do this as an individual or maybe your PG or MC group might like to help.  Last year our families were blessed by Bikers for Christ doing the Christmas deliveries.  We would love to be able to get all of our clients and their children adopted!  If this is something that touches your heart, let me know soon.  Christmas seems a long way off but in order for us to do the prep work we need to get started early.

The last way I can think of is for one of your MC groups to choose to support the New Life Transitional Program as your chosen charity.

I love to talk about what God is doing here at the program so please feel free to ask me about it!!

Thank you!!

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