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I Value Creed…

I value creativity because God asks me to make things good and beautiful.

I value accessibility because God asks me to come to him and to bring others.

I value authenticity because God asks me to be honest.

I value disciplines because God asks me to do what is good for me and others.

I value community because God asks me into his family.

I value truth because God asks me to never, ever lie.

Mid Kid Comic Strip:

Kid-Vespers Intro Part 1

Kid-Vespers Intro Part 2


Thanks for volunteering to teach The Village Kid Vespers! We believe in giving our children the gift of being taught by many different adults in our community because it helps to broaden their perspective on how to follow Jesus, exposes them to various teaching/leadership styles, and allows them to form relationships with more than just a few grown-up leaders.

While we do have a suggested flow and pre-planned activities/scripture or story, we celebrate you and the unique way you reflect Jesus and love on our kids. So we encourage you to be yourself, show love to the kids by providing clear direction and boundaries, and have fun!

You will be getting the lesson plan on the Friday before you teach Kid Vespers to give you a day or so to look things over and prepare. We ask that you stick to the structure but feel free to prepare different ‘scripture interaction’ questions or different ‘creative expression’ suggestions.

– check the board for bathroom preferences and food allergies

– remind and if necessary employ the 4 step warning method to help the kids with following your directions. 1) stop (telling a child to stop an unwanted behavior) 2) warning (reminding the child that you have asked them to stop) 3) time-out (having the child sit somewhere away from the action for 1-2 mins) 4) get parent (page the parent or send another adult to get them from the sanctuary.)

– if you have 2 capable 9-12 year olds (or a 3rd adult) then you may have the 6-8 year olds break off into the adjoining room to the right of the nursery for ‘scripture interaction’ and ‘creative expression’. Check with your younger volunteers beforehand to see if they are comfortable leading the 6-8 year olds and give them a copy of the passage and questions. check on them periodically to see how things are going.

– be enthusiastic and expressive – kids respond well to teacher excitement and encouragement!

– allow kids to set the pace by engaging their prayer requests, questions, and discussions. no need to rush them or get to the next ‘thing’

-when parents start to come encourage the kids to clean up quickly

worship = Emily Lewis usually comes in and sings songs of worship/leads creative movement with the kids. We encourage all the leaders to participate too as it encourages child participation and fun! If she is not available, ask 2 or 3 competent kids to come up front to lead a song, or lead songs yourself.

Creed = Recite the Creed (even if they just did it in the sanctuary) ask for a volunteer to come up and lead the rest of the group. Helps to solidify it in their mind and hearts.

prayer = Ask the group if they have any prayer requests. This can take a while but children love to be heard. It can be helpful to have a paper and pencil handy or use the white-board. Let a child or 2 come up and lead the prayer (with you praying at the end for anything they forgot) OR let them pray for each other by assigning the different requests to different children.

books of the Bible = Play the Books of The Bible CD and sing along with the kids. We are trying to help them memorize the books.

scripture interaction = Read a scripture passage and interact with the kids by asking questions or answering questions. We will have a passage picked out and questions for you to ask.

creative expression = We will have medium of art/play such as clay or watercolor paints and some suggestions on how to interact with what they learned in play form. Have kids clean up their own area before snack time.

snack = Children love to help serve snack. Assign one or two kids to help you so you don’t have too many trying to help. Don’t forget to pay attention to allergies, although the kids will probably remind you!

centers = Playmobile, Legos, magnetic blocks, etc. in bins on shelves are all options if there is still time. This is a great time to allow free play or ask them to create some scene in the Bible passage. Parents usually come between 6:30-6:45

clean up = When parents begin to come, have the kids clean up quickly and bring home their art if applicable.

Recently, it has come to our attention that multiple kids have been using tablets, ipods, and cell phones before and after church and in various supervised and un-supervised locations around the building. After some discussion in leadership regarding this, we have decided that this sort of technology use should be limited to the living room area (or sanctuary), where it can readily be supervised by adults. All Villagers have permission to assist in these oversight efforts, including verifying that kids have parental permission to use/observe these devices, checking to see what kids are playing or watching, etc. An announcement about this will be made on Sunday and more details given at that time. If you have any questions or concerns talk to Eric.

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