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Just Keep Swimming


Just Keep Swimming

I have rediscovered over the past couple of weeks the truth in the difficulty major life change has on a marriage. Thankfully, Bob and I have done this enough in our lives to realize that things will settle down and we just need to be more diligent about communicating better. What I find is important for me to remember is that even good changes are stressful and whether I turn to Jesus for support or listen to the lies of he-who-shall-not-be-named, is what makes or breaks the experience.

Yesterday was not a great day. He-who-shall-not-be-named put up barriers, one after the other. My body hurts, my new home, though beautiful, is in shambles, I over-committed myself this week, my internet is not up and will not be for another 2 weeks, the gas wasn’t working, the gas company repairman messed up our air conditioner. We are schlepping laundry as we have yet to buy a washer and dryer and even though my Walgreens card said I could redeem my points for $5 off my purchase, it wouldn’t let me because I could not remember the zip code I had 5 moves ago. So last night, I prayed and just went to bed.

Guess what? Today is a new day. A glorious, sunny, beautiful day. My body still hurts, my home is still in shambles and I still cant remember my zip code, BUT, Jesus has made these burdens I feel much lighter for me today because I stopped to listen to Him and not the enemy last night. I am so grateful for so many things in my life; A roof over my head, clean laundry (even if I did go to the laundry mat), my dear friend Julie who reminds me that I am not an idiot when I do something I really can’t afford to do, my beloved husband who tolerates my ranting which is manifested in my anxiety and so, so many more blessings.

One of my very favorite movies of all time is Finding Nemo. For those of you who are unfamiliar with the movie, it is the best social work 101 lesson you will ever watch! It is choked full of the nuances of group work, self efficacy, perseverance during hardship, the tendency we as people have to make judgments before we have all of the facts, and most importantly, what true love and friendship is really about. Dory, who cannot remember what she was saying from one moment to the next, but for all of her flaws, she relentlessly encourages Nemo’s father, Marlin the clownfish (ironic, isn’t it?) to “just keep swimming”. I find that phrase repeating over and over in my brain this week.

I encourage you to do two things this week: 1) Gather your family together and watch Finding Nemo and 2) be that person who, for all of your flaws, encourages someone else when they feels ready to give up.

All we have to do is keep swimming.


  1. I like how the community comes together in the movie to keep the mission going. I also like having people to remind me what I’m doing, since I forget every 2 seconds like Dory. Glad to be swimming with you…

  2. Stephanie. Thank you for offering your heart. It is beautiful. I will be praying you keep listening to Jesus and his tender voice and refuting the lies. You are Gods beloved. That is who you are. May you have the courage to live today out of that identity.


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