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I am from…

There’s a wonderful poem by George Ella Lyon titled Where I’m From. Inspired by this poem I thought it would be a fun way to share with each other more about our lives.

I am from…

Appalachian hills, grassy green and snowy white

Riverbeds, cricks, hollers, crawdads and swimmin holes

Berry-purple stained hands, picked in the sun

I am from urban streets, chain link fence, sirens blaring, cars whizzing by

I am from crime, struggle, not enough to get by

I am from the suburbs, grassy yards, friendly streets and bike rides

I’m from somber gray pew benches and sober Methodist hymns

I’m from raucous celebration and the boisterous roar of Southern Gospel

I am from black, white, and brown

I am from ’round here and also, not from this town

Don’t overthink it guys…leave one in the comments…


  1. This is a really neat poem that offers such a variety of perspectives. It’s interesting to see how different perspectives tell a different story. We can appreciate all the various aspects of where/what we came from or even grieve the difficult parts of our upbringings, but ultimately we are more than just the sum of our past/experiences. I really feel like this poem exposes a truth that there is much more to us internally than what goes on around us externally.

  2. I’ll follow your template. Thanks, Amanda, it was fun. You’re right, it doesn’t capture everything, but I tried not to over think!

    I am from…
    The Rio Grande Valley… flat and lush with green.
    The Gulf, sand dunes, palm trees, and wild parrots
    I am from skinned knees and sun tans from hours outside playing
    I am from “high-poverty rate” and “low-reading level” despite hardly noticing it
    I am from violence, loneliness, and building up walls
    I am from the fear of God, from a legalistic approach
    I am from the loud, boisterous roar of garage parties and backyard bar-b-ques
    I am from dancing ’till midnight and singing karaoke with family all around

    I am from ’round here and also, not from this town

    • love it Jessica and Amanda.


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