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Thanks to all who continue to pray for Erica, the mother of Terra and Jolie who are goddaughters to our son, Justin, and therefore grandchildren to us. Erica has been going through tons of medical testing and procedures to determine what is going on with her heart. It has been determined that her condition is related to an ‘electrical’ problem with her heart probably brought on by some sort of virus. This is hard news since there is not a ‘fix’ available as there might be if there were some sort of leak or other repairable thing going on. Today, Wednesday, August 31, she is having a surgically implanted defibrillator device installed that will hopefully allow her heart to be restarted should something happen. It was decided to not install a pacemaker as it would not seem to address her difficulties. She has been placed on the heart transplant list and awaits a donor, but with the ‘electrical’ issues, it is concerning whether that would be an ideal option.

It is a very scary time for Terra who turns 17 this week. She is fearful for her Mom and has taken on a lion’s share of caring for Jolie, who also has a birthday this week, turning 11. Please pray for her as she grows up so very quickly. It is beautiful to watch her tenderly care for Jo. Justin had last week off from work, but is in Chicago this week taking certification exams on behalf of his employer, so that makes a difficult time even more difficult. He returns on Friday to host a party on Saturday for the girls. Kathy and I are planning on driving down for the day to help out as best we can.

Please pray for all involved–parents, grandparents, guardians, friends, medical folks, caregivers–as we all plead with God for grace, mercy, healing, and hope. I recently preached about God walks with us in trouble and difficulty, and that Satan ‘dog piles’ on us to call us away from trusting the goodness of God. Pray that in this time of suffering and pain, the liar would gain no foothold and that Jesus would be lifted up and glorified.

I’ll try to do better at keeping all informed.


  1. Sue here – Praying for Erica, Terra and Jolie and asking for a miracle! Thanks for the update, Rod.

  2. Praying for your grandchildren, their mom, and your son! Thanks for update


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